Camp N RV News

2018 plans

Add additional washer and dryer
Plans to complete renovations for additional washroom/shower
Plans to complete area that could provide microwave and TV room
Continue with additional perimeter boundary transplanting of small Spruce trees


Added several cameras for surveillance system
Installed new Highway billboard sign
Added additional campground area yard lighting
Transplanted 100+ small spruce trees at property boundaries and 20 campground site  intended for future shade trees
Replaced 150 feet of underground sewer line that caused winter season freezing problems
Added two stand up camp grills at fire pit areas


Added new video surveillance system and increase security of area. completed January 2016
Planted 50+ spruce trees and shrubs 


Upgrading of underground sewer system for existing SW campground to function better in winter season.

Upgrade facility road signage and directional highway signage

Upgraded Wifi system- changes has improved signal but limitations with Telus infrastructure  limits speed when many users are on at the same time. Overall system signal has been improved substantially over past install functionality.

Increased well pump size to accommodate additional water needs for watering trees.

Over 160 trees and shrubs added to the sites.

Widen road entrances to accommodate 2 way traffic better.

Completed sewage and power upgrade to south development area including update for some 50 amp outlet connections.

Rough in underground utility services for future building upgrades.

Storage site development completed.
This has been a very busy year local plant shutdowns have kept us in overflow much of the year.
Expand and re-grade phase 2 south RV storage area approximately 10 acres.
Power consumed has peaked to the point where we are no longer under the infrastructure of the Alberta Regulated Rate, thus forcing us to purchase off the open market. This has required us to increase base rates due to direct electricity costs.
Bobcat and grader purchased to assist in maintaining potholes and for surface upgrades use. Roads this year are in great condition.

Entrance access road to the site has been widened allowing for better traffic flow. Started work on north storage access road upgrades, expected to continue in 2014.
Shower house cleanliness continues to be our most complemented on part of  the facility. Users exercising respect to the site has helped us keep this a nice perk for all.
Site improvements made to surface areas within sites of main campground area.

Phase 1 of South Storage area re-graded and replanted.

Purchase of rear discharge mower.
Roads have had substantial gravel added to them and are now holding up well.